Smith Equity Consulting

Why Join Our Team

Smith Equity Consulting has years of experience as Stock Administrators. We are seeking experienced stock plan professionals that want to maximize their efforts. Our clients need help with their day-to-day operations, including analysis, consulting, education and training, project management, and more. If you join our team, we will present you with opportunities that fit your schedule and skill set, allowing you to work to your capacity. It’s essential to us that you have the work-life balance you deserve.¬†

Balance & Culture

You deserve a great working environment that appreciates your hard work. One that also provides an outstanding work-life balance.


We provide short-term, long-term, and consulting opportunities. We continue to provide opportunities based upon your availability.


We offer competitive compensation for your hard work.

Our Values

To provide employers with practical advice, actionable guidance, and hands-on support, they need to cost-effectively mitigate risks and reduce expenses associated with their compensatory stock plans.


Our forward-thinking experts have a passion for what they do thus driving results for our clients.


Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of our values list. Providing trustworthy service to our staff and clients is what matters most.


Internal and external growth is essential. We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for all.

Career Opportunities