Smith Equity Consulting

About Us

Your Trusted Equity Management Partner

Smith Equity Consulting (SEC) is a consulting firm that specializes in the administration, accounting, reporting and education of the complex issues that companies face when it comes to stock-based compensation programs.  We service private and public, domestic and multinational companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the West Coast territory.  

SEC understands the complexities that the financial accounting world brings when it comes to equity compensation. Recognizing that equity “hiccups” can lead to the disqualification of an equity plan, costly financial restatements and embarrassing financial disclosures making the selection of the right equity management professional of significance. 

Our Goals

Multiple Resources Under One Roof


At Smith Equity, we understand the value that comes from creating strategic relationships!
Our goal is to be your trusted solutions partner by offering our client’s a wide range of services supported by a pool of highly skilled talent with specialized backgrounds in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Corporate Legal governance and compliance and Equity Compensation -administration, taxation, regulatory governance, reporting, and employee education.
Working with Smith Equity can result in a powerful collaboration that will afford our clients elevated levels of operational efficiency and employee benefit program(s) effectiveness working to lower program(s) cost and to attract and retain talent.


Providing employers with practical advice, actionable guidance, and the hands-on support they need to cost-effectively mitigate risks and reduce expenses.

Consulting on Demand

COD affords you productivity and efficiency, anytime, anyplace without making long-term commitments. Providing you with the services you need, when you need and at your election

Years of Experience

Our leadership team has 50 years in combined experience. The consultants we hire go through a vetted hiring process. We only work with those who can bring immediate value to your company.

Software Proficiency

Smith Equity is committed to excellence and in keeping up with the software products being used and offered in the industry today.

Why Choose Us

Services you can Trust

You can trust the services that you’ll receive from SEC.  SEC offers a pool of highly skilled, knowledgeable, experts in all aspects of equity management (Equity Management Professionals) who are well rounded in the administration of both private and public companies’ global equity needs and have between five- and 20-years’ experience. Most of our consultants are designated Certified Equity Professionals (CEP) or are in the process of obtaining their CEP (level I, II and/or III) certification and have gained their expertise working with Big 4 and/or high-tech